Friday, March 20, 2009

The beginning of the end?

It has been a while since I ever blogged. My usual bloggings would be about ranting about life, random crap etc. This one will be about food, (with the constant "support" of friends telling me to write about food).

Since the beginning of 2008 or so I started to eat out more often, when the budget allows for it. And as I look back goddamn I ate at alot of places. Friends grew jealous on my foodventures and usually are impressed (I hope) when I bring them to someplace they never heard of or a type of cuisine they never tried.

There are plenty of food blogs, review spots (yelp for example), in the wide expanse of the internet. What will make mine different? I have no fucking idea. Will this site last? I can guarantee you no more than 2 months.

I can take it to the perspective of the starving working person. Especially in this time of recessions, depressions, and any "ssions". You can eat fine food without paying fine prices. I am not that food douche that cannot eat in McDonalds, must have free range beef, organic etc. Although what you might see here, may be fine looking establishments most of the time, I enjoy myself a bacon ultimate cheeseburger from jack in the box, or a taco from the corner taco stand with seedy people all around. If it tastes good, and satisfies you, then go for it!

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