Saturday, March 21, 2009

Best Seafood Burrito EVAR

Beto's Grill
5818 Temple City Blvd
Temple City, CA 91780

No pictures for this but let me tell you the tale of a good burrito. After being flaked on last night I decided to do a food haunt. It being lent and friday had me in the mood for seafood. Sushi? Salad? Vegetarian? nah I want something substantial. Ended up here, ordered the seafood burrito. Took a little bit of a while but the time was worth it. This was massive, coated in cheese and sauce. This was a knife and fork affair, big chunks of shrimp, fish cooked right. It could've fed a family of 4 but I have an appetite of 6. With the Bohemias piling up, it was great

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